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Coyote Management Strategies For Homeowners

Posted by jennifer smith on 5th Dec 2017

In reading the news, a story came out from outside of Seattle, Washington in which a coyote attacked and bit a 3-year-old girl. Luckily, the girl's father fought off the coyote; and the girl only suffered a small scratch on her arm. Terrifying, nonetheless.

"The city of Snoqualmie says within the past 24 hours they’ve had seven reports of coyote sightings." Q13 Fox

Coyotes are cousins of wolves; and share the same eating habits as dogs and other members of the wolf pack. (AKA: they will eat anything, anywhere, anytime.) So, what can stop a coyote from venturing onto yards and potentially harming family members, livestock and domestic pets? 

Welded Wire Fence

Wire fencing is the most effective means for coyote management. The fence material is chew-proof and strong enough to stop deer, coyotes and other wildlife. Coyotes can jump between 5-7' feet heights without touching the fence line; so, it's recommended that homeowners install a 7.5' - 8' foot tall metal fence. 

Experts say there are some ways to keep your livestock safe. Use dogs, llamas and donkeys and keep them in the pasture with the sheep. The coyotes shy away from herds with any of these animals included.

The use of a fence will stop coyote damage in gardens and will reduce the risk of coyotes venturing onto landscapes.

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