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Rid Coyotes From Lawns and Gardens

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 25th Feb 2020

White-tailed deer aren't the only wild animals landing on lawns and gardens. Many homeowners are noticing an influx of coyotes in winter into spring; and they cause more harm than good. While it' … read more

Coyote Management Strategies For Homeowners

Posted by jennifer smith on 5th Dec 2017

In reading the news, a story came out from outside of Seattle, Washington in which a coyote attacked and bit a 3-year-old girl. Luckily, the girl's father fought off the coyote; and the girl only suff … read more

How To Protect Landscapes From Coyote Damage

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 12th Oct 2017

  Coyotes aren't your average pup.  Coyotes are nocturnal creatures that tend to peruse plains, forests, desserts and farm areas in search of food in the nighttime hours. Although they are m … read more

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