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Deer Trapped In Furniture Store, Causes Damage

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 27th Jul 2017

An officer with the Saginaw Township Police Department climbs through a broken window at Godwin's Furniture & Mattress, 6225 State, Thursday morning, July 27, 2017. A deer broke through the window and became trapped in the store. (Michael Kransz, )

Perhaps the deer was tired and needed a bed to rest her little doe eyes. Whatever the reason, a deer broke through the window of Godwin's Furniture & Mattress in Michigan and caused considerable damage to the furniture store. The deer flew into the store a little after 7:00AM, three hours before the store opened for business.

Police were able to contain the deer in the back room until the animal control unit arrived on the scene. Although blood was found near the window, the doe did not suffer life-threatening injuries. Officials are now working with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources for deer management solutions.

Should've called Deerbusters for a deer fence.

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