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When To Use Electric Fence?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

Electric fence is a good type of yard fence for gardeners who wish to protect their flowerbeds from deer and other wildlife. 

For starters, the fence is the most affordable of all the fence types; and it is easy to set-up for beginning fence installers and homeowners.This type of fence can be used as a primary or secondary fence around more traditional deer fence. Not only can electric fencing be used for deer management, but it is the most effective means for bear deterrence and livestock security (chickens) on farms and pastures. 

Electric fence is a good choice for gardeners on a budget or those that wish to keep away deer, bears, wild hogs and other types of wild animals from their plants. 

Best Plants To Grow In Winter

Don't call it quits just yet! There are tons of plants to grow in wintertime. Winter vegetables, such as kale and Brussels Sprouts, are hardy plants that can handle cool temperatures and even snow on the ground. Here are some vegetables to grow outdoors in winter: Onions and ShallotsGarlicSpring OnionsPerpetual SpinachBroad BeansPeasAsparagusWinter SaladsThese crops are easy [...]

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Why Buy Multi-Purpose Fence?

Multi-purpose fence is a newer type of plastic fence that is used for a variety of applications on landscapes. At first glance, customers may wonder why buy multi-purpose fence? It's thin, plastic and lightweight. However, there are several reasons to buy this all-purpose fence. Here is what it is used for on lawns and gardens:1. [...]

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Best Fruit To Grow In Summer

Ah, summertime! The first day of summer is here; and gardeners are ready to start a fruit garden in the backyard. There are many fruits that can be grown in the heat and can handle hot climates. Here is a list of fruits to grow in summer: Blackberries and raspberriesStrawberriesTomatoes (yes, they are fruit!)BlueberriesWatermelonsCantaloupeCherriesThere are a [...]

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Wildlife In the Garden This Spring

It's March; and spring is around the corner. This is the moment gardeners have been waiting for all winter; and they are ready to dig into the ground. But, with the changing season comes challenges for growers including wildlife encounters. There are a few critters that homeowners will see more frequently this season in the [...]

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Prepare Vegetable Gardens For Winter

Winter can be challenging for growers if they do not prepare their gardens for the snow and extreme swing in temperatures. There are many winter gardening tasks that gardeners must perform to continue growing and protect the existing plants. Here are the top tasks that gardeners must implement in November:Clean up rotting and finished plantsRemove invasive [...]

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Garlic Growing In Fall

October is the best time of year to grow garlic in gardens. Garlic producers choose to grow garlic because the plant is easy to grow and requires little growing area. What's better, garlic can be grown in mild and cold climates.Garlic varieties are classified as Softneck and Hardneck. Softneck garlic grows in mild temperatures whereas Hardneck [...]

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Deer Problems Moving Into May

It's true, April shower bring May flowers; and while the rain helps brighten up the appearance of landscapes, it also attracts white-tailed deer to spring flowers. This is something that gardeners need to keep in-mind moving into May. May is a great time to grow a variety of flowers. Here are some flowers to plant [...]

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Why Use High Tensile Fence?

When farmers and gardeners think about fence installation, they consider many factors: aesthetics, cost, garden protection and deer management. As growers outweigh the pros and cons of each fence type, they may see that not all fences are created equally. When we talk to growers, they say they need the strongest fence; and of course [...]

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Why Build An Enclosed Fence?

Often when we talk to customers, we hear that white-tailed deer are not only a problem; but also birds, coyotes, rabbits, raccoons and groundhogs. Although Deerbusters Fence is strong enough to keep out multiple wildlife animals at any given time, we feel that there is a single fence system that may be the answer to [...]

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