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Elk Herds In California? Here's a Management Plan

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 30th Nov 2017

Washington State residents and those residing in California are noticing more and more elk herds. In fact, elk are making their way into the city to get a taste of the real San Francisco treat: flowerbeds. Homeowner's flowerbeds.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife estimate the elk population in the state of California to be around 6000 - made up of Tule Elk and even some Roosevelt Elk. 

Although elk are majestic creatures, they are similar to deer: agriculturally destructive in nature and carry diseases that can harm livestock. Pacific Coast farmers in Washington State and Oregon blame elk for spreading Elk Hoof Disease to livestock animals, a harmful livestock illness that affects sheep, goats and cattle. Although California has not seen signs of limping elk, farmers fear Elk Hoof Disease is on the way.

Good news, California: You don't have to worry about elk damage nor the threat of Elk Hoof Disease. Elk Fencing is designed to handle all types of elk and is quite inexpensive to install around a garden or farm. This type of garden fencing is highly recommended for elk control and can be used anywhere where elk roam.

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