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Best Fence For Elk Management

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 6th May 2020

Elk are one of the largest members of the cervid family weighing between 500-700 pounds and standing tall at about 4 feet. They are beautiful and majestic animals; but don't let that fool you - elk ca … read more

Chronic Wasting Disease Found In Elk

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 29th Aug 2018

Wyoming Game and Fish Department have confirmed a bull elk tested positively for Chronic Wasting Disease in Elk Hunt Area 66. The elk was killed northeast of Meeteetse. Last year, over 3300 cervi … read more

Elk Herds In California? Here's a Management Plan

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 30th Nov 2017

Washington State residents and those residing in California are noticing more and more elk herds. In fact, elk are making their way into the city to get a taste of the real San Francisco treat: flower … read more

How To Manage Elk Damage On Landscapes

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 9th Nov 2017

In the news, Canadian residents may be reading about Park Canada's problem with elk management. Parc services has already killed four 'persistent' elk that were wandering 'consistently' into Banff. Al … read more

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