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Fall Time To Build a Deer Fence

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 10th Oct 2016

October Gardening Tip: This month is the time to install deer management solutions such as deer fencing to protect plants.

Once the leaves fall from the trees, and the temperatures drop, deer will become desperate for food. They will surely learn that there aren't opportunities in the forest to satisfy their cravings and thus, will wander over to your garden. You've worked hard for months, even years, to grow an organic garden; so why allow your hard work to disappear instantly because of wildlife? Here is why you need to install deer fencing this Fall:

1) Deer Fencing provides security for homes and gardens;

2) Deer Fencing protects your family from tick-borne diseases including Lyme Disease;

3) Deer Fencing provides a proper barrier.

There are many types of fencing for deer and pest control in different heights and strengths. Here is what you need to know:

TENAX C-Flex Deer Fencing

How do you know which TENAX C Flex deer fence is right for you? Consider your needs. Do you have light deer traffic in your area? Do want to enclose a small yard or garden? The Heavy Duty C Flex Deer Fence may be what you’re looking for.

If you have more consistent deer traffic along your property line or want to effectively enclose a larger area of land, you may want to consider the Extra Strength C Flex P Deer Fence.

When you need to enclose a large area of land such as a farm or large field or you are experiencing aggressive deer traffic, consider the Maximum Strength C Flex HD Deer Fence.

Trident Deer Fencing

Our poly deer fencing is available in three different strengths - each suitable for different applications. Our Economy Deer Fence has a breaking strength of 500 lbs./sq. ft. and is great for protecting vegetable gardens and small backyards. Economy deer fence will only last five years.

The Heavy Duty Deer Fence with reinforced bottom edge has a certified breaking load of 650/lbs to add increased protection to gardens where deer pressure may be more intense. This heavy duty plastic deer fence is rated to last 15 years.

Our top-of-the-line Trident poly fence is called Extra Strength Deer Fence; and it is one of the strongest poly deer fencing available on the market. Extra Strength Deer Fencing has a breaking strength of 750 lbs./sq. ft. and is used in large installations and around commercial properties such as nurseries, vineyards, and community gardens.

Steel Hex Web Deer Fencing

This metal fence for deer control is extremely tough and virtually invisible from a distance. Not only is steel hex fencing extremely strong, but it can be suited to a variety of uses around the lawn and garden. Use it to fence in your yard to provide a long term solution to your deer problem. Stake it around the base of trees or plants for individual protection. Place it around the garden to prevent the local pests from devouring your crop. With its tough pvc coating, this fencing material is fully equipped to stand up to the elements for years to come.

Welded Wire Deer Fencing

Welded Wire Deer Fence provides long lasting and durable protection against deer and small animal invasion on your property. Designed for maximum strength, this UV-stabilized wire fence is made from 14 gauge galvanized steel, creating a chew-proof barrier that even the most determined critters can’t gnaw through. Additionally, the welded fence is coated in black PVC material that prevents rust and reduces the damage caused by the elements. Welded wire fences may even meet pool code!

Fixed Knot Deer Fencing

This is one of the toughest deer fences available on the market today. Our 12.5 gauge solid fencing is class 3 galvanized, which is the highest galvanization rating available, making it extremely resistant to corrosion. We also have a 14 gauge fixed knot fencing. Our 14 gauge fencing features an advanced zinc aluminum coating and is nearly 2-3 times as corrosion resistant as class 1 galvanized steel. Fixed knot fencing will stop the most determined buck and has an estimated life of 20-40 years.

Elk and Large Animal Fencing

Elk & Large Animal Fencing is the best fence solution for homeowners experiencing heavy elk traffic and damage in gardens. This Elk Fencing is the strongest elk fencing available on today's market. The UV-resistant polypropylene fence material is durable, and will remain tough even after years in harsh weather. Elk and Large Animal Fence has a certified breaking load of 1400 pounds and a life expectancy of at least 30 years.

Consider deer fencing this month to protect your garden from wildlife. Reinforce your fencing system with deer repellents and other scare tactics

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