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Keep Out Deer: Use Predator Urine in the Garden

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 13th Feb 2017

In the wild, the relationship between predator and prey is common and allows animals to mark their territory. Gardeners who use predator pee are saving their organic gardens from wildlife. With predator urine, deer sniff out the scent of one of their predators such as the coyote and wolf; and they think twice about pursing the garden. Predator urine is unoffensive to us as homeowners and does not harm homeowner's property or landscape in any way, as these deer repellents use all-natural ingredients. However, the odor from the liquid or granular predator formula scares the white-tailed deer into believing that a predator is near. 

Coyote Urine

Creates the illusion that coyotes are present in the garden. Gardeners can spray the urine directly on plants; or they can hang bottles of it using The Garden Scent-Ry Dispensers - filled with holes that can be hung from trees or plants. Deerbusters advises gardeners to use Coyote Urine Repellent early in the season before the deer develop a feeding pattern. 

Wolf Urine

Creates the illusion that wolves are present in the garden and will immediately scare away deer. As an added bonus, wolf urine repellent also scares away coyotes, moose, bears, and cats. This is an all-around great product for gardeners to keep on-hand. The repellent can be applied directly on plants or dispensed from trees, similar to the coyote urine. 

Human Urine

To deer, humans are predators; but it's hard to say whether or not deer can associate human urine with humans. So, if you think that spreading your own pee around the woods will scare deer, think again. It's possible that human pee will attract more deer, increasing their curiosity. 

It's best to stick with an organic predator urine to deter deer from entering gardens. Contact to find the right deer repellent for your needs. 

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