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October is National Pet Wellness Month

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 17th Oct 2016

The American Veterinary Medical Association declares October to be National Pet Wellness Month, a time for pet owners to educate themselves about the importance of disease prevention and check-ups for cats and dogs.

"We firmly believe that this program can have a dramatic impact on the health, quality of life, and longevity of America's pets," said Brent Standridge, Fort Dodge Animal Health's senior vice president of sales and marketing, North America. "And the best place for pet owners to learn about the pet aging process and wellness examinations is from their own veterinarian."

As humans get annual check-ups, pets need routine visits to the vet. Young "adult" pups should frequent the vet approximately once per year, older dogs may need twice per year. Vets advise pet owners to pay attention to diet and nutrition. Remember: quality over quantity!

Deerbusters recommends that pet owners invest in a fenced-in backyard so their pets can get fresh air and exercise. Did you know that pets need a minimum of 30 minutes of daily activity? With the proper animal fencing, dogs and cats can play outside while staying safely enclosed away from harm's way. Pet fencing is available in various sizes and suitable for different landscapes. See Deerbusters Dog Fencing and Cat Fencing Systems for more information.

We encourage pet wellness this month and hope that you take the steps towards a long and happy life for your pet. Show your wagging best friend how much you care!

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