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December Holiday: Pet Safety Tips

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

Hanukkah and Christmas are just weeks away; and while pet owners are scurrying around households to prepare for incoming guests and more, they are not keeping watch on their pets. Here are pet safety tips to remember this holiday season:

Holiday Sweets

Pets are curious creatures, and they will sniff around new objects and even eat anything they find appealing. Some things they find, such as chocolate, are toxic and can harm them. Pets must avoid eating any sugary substances that will make them sick on their stomachs. And, candy wrappers, including aluminum foils, can become choking hazards, if ingested.

Christmas Trees

Fur trees and conifers, including our beloved Christmas tree, contain oils that are toxic to dogs and can irritate their mouths and stomachs. The tree needles, in particular, can lead to gastrointestinal irritation and punctures as well as choking hazards. It's best to keep pets away from Christmas trees - avoid having them sniff around fragile Christmas ornaments that may fall and shatter; and chewing on Christmas lights. 

Menorahs and candles

Keep candles and the Menorah away from pets to avoid burning them. This is a particular concern for cat owners who may have curious cats that jump on counter tops.

Holiday Parties

The holidays are all about having family and friends over to party; however, too much commotion and the sight of new faces may make dogs and cats anxious. It's best to calm them down with soothing Jazz music or by playing with them for a bit. In addition, pets may be required to stay inside a closed bedroom for the evening or outside in the fenced in yard

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