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December Holiday: Pet Safety Tips

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 2nd Dec 2019

Hanukkah and Christmas are just weeks away; and while pet owners are scurrying around households to prepare for incoming guests and more, they are not keeping watch on their pets. Here are pet safety … read more

Say "No" To Electric Fence For Dogs

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 27th Aug 2019

There are many types of fence on the market; but for pet fencing, pet owners usually choose to buy chain-link fence for large dogs and electric fence for small and medium sized dog breeds. While some … read more

Deer Movement's Affect On Pets

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 5th Apr 2018

Spring is the heaviest season for deer activity; and as gardeners go outside and plant spring flowers, they are seeing a lot more deer on properties than they did in winter. This is not only a nuisanc … read more

October is National Pet Wellness Month

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 17th Oct 2016

The American Veterinary Medical Association declares October to be National Pet Wellness Month, a time for pet owners to educate themselves about the importance of disease prevention and check-ups for … read more

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