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Considering Pet Adoption During Pandemic?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 14th Apr 2020

When tragedy strikes, all we want is a hug, right? A warm body to be near to tell us everything is going to be okay. This is why many Americans are turning to pet adoption during the COVID-19 crisis. … read more

Animal Shelter Appreciation Week 2019

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 5th Nov 2019

The first full week of November is declared to be National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, a dedicated week to thank the hardworking staff at animal rescues that care for stray and abandoned compani … read more

Pet Owners: Big Or Small Dogs?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 22nd Aug 2019

Sixty-Eight percent of American households own a pet; and it's no wonder why. Most pets, such as dogs, are great with children; playful with other animals; and loving among owners. We may think that w … read more

2019 Lyme Disease In Pets Stats

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 2nd May 2019

Many people have heard of the tick-borne illness, Lyme Disease; but pet owners are often surprised to learn that their pets can get the disease. Lyme Disease is just one of many tick diseases that dog … read more

Do Coyotes Lure Domestic Dogs?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 14th Mar 2019

A recent news video shows a coyote and dog "playing" in a quiet neighborhood in Tempe, Arizona. The video sparked different reactions causing people to wonder "Are they actually enjoying each oth … read more

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