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Survey Shows Abundance of Deer Food

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 15th Nov 2017

MONTPELIER, Vt. (WCAX) Vermont Fish & Wildlife officials say important fall foods for wildlife were abundant this year.

In a survey, staff looked at 27 areas around the state in late September and early October. They found that beechnut counts were the highest since 1998. Acorn production was also found to be good in oak stands. And mountain ash berries were very abundant at high elevations. Apples were available at high numbers early, but that most had fallen by late October.

These plants are valuable food sources for deer bear and other wildlife. (WCAX3)

Gardeners must keep deer management strategies in-mind as they move forward with plans to grow cool-weather crops this season. Deer control methods are the only ways to repel deer. Since deer remain active, they will travel to home gardens to eat flowerbeds and crops. Building deer fence is recommended for all homeowners who plant flowers or organic vegetables. Deer repellents can be incorporated with the use of deer fence; but the repellents should not be a substitute for deer fencing. 

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