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It's National Pollinator Month!

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 1st Jun 2020

Over 1/3 of the world's crops require bee pollination; and without their help, we wouldn't be able to enjoy many of our favorite fruits and vegetables. June is the time of year to learn the buzz … read more

Don't Step On A Bee Day

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 10th Jul 2018

On July 10th, we take time to spread the word about the importance of bees and why we need to save the bees. Fruit and vegetable growers know how important bee pollination is for bountiful crops; … read more

Dogs and the Bees

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 20th Jun 2018

This National Pollinator Week is all about saving the bees; and now that we know that bee pollination is important for bee survival and the growth of our crops; it's time to discuss how pets can … read more

The Importance Of Bees

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 19th Apr 2018

When we see a swarm of bees, we usually have two thoughts: 1) "Get them away from me!", and 2) "Wow, they are really annoying." The truth is, bee pollination is very important; not just for their surv … read more

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