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Dogs and the Bees

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 20th Jun 2018

This National Pollinator Week is all about saving the bees; and now that we know that bee pollination is important for bee survival and the growth of our crops; it's time to discuss how pets can live in peace with bees.

For humans, our natural reaction is to swat away bees; but now that we know about pollinating flowers and bee activity, it may make it hard to do that. For dogs, they may be curious about the bees and want to get a better look at bee hives. But, if they aren't careful, they might find themselves with a big ol' bee sting. 

There is no reason to choose between having pets outside and starting a bee garden. If dogs are allergic to bees, or may be tempted to leap on pollinating flowers or bee hives, it's best to keep them separated. Consider building a dog fence in the yard for dogs to play that won't interfere with the hard work from bees. 

Bees and pets can live peacefully together; and they usually will not seek out pets unless they feel threatened.

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