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How Do Deer Approach Fences?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 28th Apr 2020

Deer are curious creatures; and when they approach fences, they will decide on the best way to reach flowerbeds and organic gardens. Here's what may happen. Typically, deer will walk the perimete … read more

Deer Damage Persists In Winter

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 6th Jan 2020

When we think of winter, we think about bare trees; lack of natural resources and dried out vegetable gardens; however, just because food is not growing as much in winter as in spring doesn't mean dee … read more

Say Goodbye To Ticks In Spring. Here's How.

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 2nd Mar 2018

March is the start of tick season; and as gardeners are planning what flowers and vegetables to plant this spring, the concern over ticks and tick diseases has popped into our minds.Often, we wonder h … read more

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