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How Do Deer Approach Fences?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 28th Apr 2020

Deer are curious creatures; and when they approach fences, they will decide on the best way to reach flowerbeds and organic gardens. Here's what may happen. 

Typically, deer will walk the perimeter of the fence line to see if there is an easy path that will lead them to plants. If they cannot find one, they may try to lift the fence with their snouts and dig their way into growing sites. Therefore, fence stakes are a must for preventing deer from reaching gardening areas. And, of course, deer will use their graceful strength to attempt a jump around the fence structure. Deer are very graceful animals and can jump well over 10 feet; however, after 7 feet, research shows that it gets blurry for deer, due to poor eye site; and they will be less likely to jump if they aren't sure they know what is on the other side. This is why 7.5' to 8' feet high is the best height for deer fencing

Deer are smart but stubborn; and once they develop path they will continue to travel that route until they are re-routed by home growers.

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