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August Is National Peach Month!

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 2nd Aug 2019

Peaches are one of America's favorite fruits to eat in summertime; and they are simple to grow; but how easy are these types of fruit trees easy to protect? Here are easy orchard management strat … read more

Fatal Parasite Found In Nova Scotia Birds

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 17th Jun 2019

Four cases of a fatal parasite disease in birds have turned up in Nova Scotia - and this isn't the first time."Trichomonosis is caused by a microscopic parasite transmitted from bird to bird through m … read more

Birds To Keep Out In the Garden

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 15th Jan 2019

Birds: Gardeners either love them or hate them. Some gardeners will feed the birds to get them through the winter; but others just want them gone! Some birds, such as crows and blackbirds, are destruc … read more

Rid Skunks From Gardens

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 11th Sep 2018

Pepé Le Pew, a charming skunk character, isn't all he's cracked up to be. He is not only smelly; but he is destructive in gardens. (Not exactly attractive qualities to get the ladies.) Neverthele … read more

How To Rid Squirrels From Yards

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 29th Mar 2018

Like other wild animals, both ground and tree squirrels venture to yards in search of food, so if homeowners can eliminate their food source, then they will see a dramatic reduction in the number of s … read more

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