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How To Rid Squirrels From Yards

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 29th Mar 2018

Like other wild animals, both ground and tree squirrels venture to yards in search of food, so if homeowners can eliminate their food source, then they will see a dramatic reduction in the number of squirrels. 

It's suggested that homeowners rake up nuts, berries and fallen acorns from trees. Nuts and berries are squirrels' main food source; and this will be a huge determent to them if they lost their source of food. Homeowners can also place trash in seal-able trash cans to rid deer and squirrels. Squirrel repellents with pepper and cayenne will keep squirrels away, as well as deer, but are not recommended for bird control.

But, the best method to repel squirrels from landscapes is to build a wire fence around fruits and vegetables. Squirrels will dig up flower bulbs and tear up vegetable gardens; so it's important to buy a chew-proof metal fence. It's advised to trench the fence 12-18" inches into the ground to stop squirrels from digging into the garden and use fence stakes to keep the fence down. Bird netting can also be applied to flowerbeds to keep out tree squirrels. 

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