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Deer Damage Prevention At Grape Vineyards

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 6th Dec 2017

Winemakers, you will soon be planting grapes late winter-early spring to begin your journey into wine making. Now is the time to develop a deer management strategy to keep away hungry deer from grape … read more

Types of Plants Deer Eat

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 12th Sep 2017

Without a deer fence, garden protection is rather difficult to achieve. Although it may seem as if deer are gone for the summer season, deer hunters are now pushing them out of their woodland homes an … read more

How To Protect Blueberry Crops

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 10th Jul 2017

Blueberries are a 20th Century phenomenon. In addition to being rich in antioxidants, and a great low calorie snack, the blueberry is one of the most savored fruits in the summertime for baked goods. … read more

Deer Control in Gardens This Winter

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 28th Nov 2016

As we close November, you may be noticing changes in both foliage and temperature. The leaves have already turned from vibrant green to rustic shades of red; and their may even be snow on the ground. … read more

Bird Control in the Garden

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 12th Sep 2016

Birds inhabit gardens in the warm, summer months before leaving their flock to travel South for the winter. Birds feed on fruit trees, lasting tomatoes and berries that may be laying around from summe … read more

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