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Types of Plants Deer Eat

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 12th Sep 2017

Without a deer fence, garden protection is rather difficult to achieve. Although it may seem as if deer are gone for the summer season, deer hunters are now pushing them out of their woodland homes and back onto lawns and gardens, seeking security and food. If gardeners aren't careful, they will find that their flowerbeds and organic crops have been devoured by hungry deer. Here is what whitetails will eat this season:

Perennials, Bulbs and Annuals

After spending months eating twigs and berries, deer aren't picky. They will go after any type of flower or plant that appears desirable. To keep deer away, plant columbine, daffodils, verbena and other deer-resistant plants to drive them away by the smell and taste.

Shrubs and Vines

Rose bushes, azaleas and clematis shrubs are a favorite food for deer. Deer also love to eat fruit bushes including blueberry bushes, raspberries and blackberries. Roses attract deer because of their sweet smell; however, they contain thorns; which may keep deer away. To avoid crop damage, cover bushes with bird netting, a loose poly meshing material. 

Fruit Trees and Flowering Trees

We know how much deer love eating fruit; which is why fruit growers need to protect their peach trees. As we dive into apple season, deer will be seen sniffing around apple trees and try to eat plums and pears. Flowering trees, such as the cherry dogwood and Japanese maple tree, are a favorite of deer and need to be protected moving into fall and winter. 

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