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Deer Damage Prevention At Grape Vineyards

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 6th Dec 2017

Winemakers, you will soon be planting grapes late winter-early spring to begin your journey into wine making. Now is the time to develop a deer management strategy to keep away hungry deer from grape vines. Here are deer control techniques to implement:

Deer Fencing

White-tailed deer are nosy animals; and if they smell a sweet, delightful scent, they will want to know what it looks like and tastes like. Deer will continue to explore a farm or gardening area until they are pushed out by a grower. This is why deer fence is a great management tool. Deer Fencing over 7.5' feet tall ensures that deer will not jump over the fence and into the grape vines. 

Bird Netting

Sometimes we focus too much on deer and small ground pests that we forget about our aerial attacks from birds. If you are feeding birds at your vineyard, stop immediately - you are only encouraging attacks on your plants. Bird nets are easy to use and drape over easily onto vines. 

Scare Devices

Birds may fly away when they see a scarecrow or shimmery object in the field. Although this technique is inexpensive, it's not as effective as using a physical barrier such as a deer fence.

Deer Repellents

Deer hate the taste of garlic and pepper (both can be planted during the winter season). It's best to apply deer repellents with these natural ingredients to ward off deer from vineyards. Apply granular deer repellents around a deer fence for best results. 

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