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Rid Coyotes From Lawns and Gardens

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 25th Feb 2020

White-tailed deer aren't the only wild animals landing on lawns and gardens. Many homeowners are noticing an influx of coyotes in winter into spring; and they cause more harm than good. 

While it's true that coyotes eat from organic gardens, they are more known for harming livestock animals, such as chickens, and encountering small dogs and cats. Pet owners must not take this warning lightly. Coyotes will attack if they feel threatened, or simply hungry enough.

To reduce the number of coyotes on landscapes, pet owners and home growers alike will need to rid them using an effective coyote management strategy: building a PVC-coated metal fence that is at least 6 feet tall.

Coyote breeding season in January will bring coyote pups into the world in March/April. To block their movements, homeowners will need to act fast to protect their home gardens, children and pets from coyote attacks.  

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