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Why Buy Multi-Purpose Fence?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 12th Nov 2019

Multi-purpose fence is a newer type of plastic fence that is used for a variety of applications on landscapes. At first glance, customers may wonder why buy multi-purpose fence? It's thin, plastic and lightweight. However, there are several reasons to buy this all-purpose fence. Here is what it is used for on lawns and gardens:

1. Bird netting. This type of plastic yard fencing can be used for bird control. Simply drape it over plants, bushes and fruit trees for protection. 

2. Deer management. For light to moderate deer pressure. The material is not chew-resistant; but it will block a majority of deer populations from reaching organic gardens. 

3. Pond protection. Keeps out leaves and debris from small ponds and protects fish from aerial attacks. 

4. Balcony protection. The 1" x 1" mesh can be used to fill in gaps in balconies and existing fences. It can be used to protect pets and children from squeezing through bars. 

Multi-purpose fence is UV-stabilized and long-lasting. It is effective in many ways and can be a good alternative fence for landowners on a budget. Available in gray and black colors. 

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