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Fall Gardening: Prepare For Deer Damage

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 24th Sep 2019

Now that Autumn is officially here, gardeners have several gardening tasks to get them through the next growing season; and with changing seasons comes challenges. Gardeners across the country will co … read more

Protect Christmas Tree Farms From Deer Damage

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 14th Aug 2018

In a recent poll, Americans announced that Christmas was in fact their favorite holiday; and what they love most about the holiday has nothing to do with presents; but with evergreen trees that symbol … read more

Why Homeowners Will See Deer Herds In Summer

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 19th Jun 2018

Deer mating season, known as the rut, occurs in October through January. By May and June, doe have given birth to at least one to three fawns. While fawns are adorable, with their bright white spots, … read more

The Health Benefits Of Honey

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 12th Jun 2018

Tea with honey in it is what we turn to when we have the common cold or a sore throat; but there are other health benefits of honey that will make honey a regular part of your balanced diet. Hone … read more

Survey Shows Abundance of Deer Food

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 15th Nov 2017

MONTPELIER, Vt. (WCAX) Vermont Fish & Wildlife officials say important fall foods for wildlife were abundant this year.In a survey, staff looked at 27 areas around the state in late September and … read more

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