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When To Use Electric Fence?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 9th Mar 2020

Electric fence is a good type of yard fence for gardeners who wish to protect their flowerbeds from deer and other wildlife. For starters, the fence is the most affordable of all the fence types; … read more

Bear Activity In Fall

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 27th Sep 2019

Bear spotting is common in spring and summer; but fall is when they go into hyper-drive. This is because they are preparing for winter hibernation (a process called hyperphagia), beginning in November … read more

Best Fence Type For Bear Deterrence

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 20th Nov 2018

The average male Grizzly Bear weighs about 600 pounds (not to make them feel badly); and while they are focused on stocking up on food before winter hibernation, growers are determined to keep them aw … read more

Bear Movement In Spring

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 4th May 2018

Spring and summer are the two seasons where we see an increase in bear activity. Bears go out in the early morning and late evening hours in search of food; and where do they go? Homeowner's gardens.B … read more

Using Electric Fence On Deer

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 11th Jul 2017

I tried being gentle, calm, nice; but the deer just weren't getting the hint to leave my garden alone.I planned my landscape accordingly and applied deer repellents to my landscape. That wasn't enough … read more

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