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How To Stake Down Deer Fence

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 12th Aug 2020

White-tailed deer are creatures of habit; and if they have approached home gardens once before, chances are they will come back again. The poor daytime eyesight on deer will halt them from jumping int … read more

How Do Deer Approach Fences?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 28th Apr 2020

Deer are curious creatures; and when they approach fences, they will decide on the best way to reach flowerbeds and organic gardens. Here's what may happen. Typically, deer will walk the perimete … read more

Block Digging Wildlife From Entering Gardens.

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 20th Feb 2020

Deer and other wildlife cause billions of agricultural damage each year. That's billions with a "B." While most gardeners have seen deer gracefully jump at extraordinary heights, deer actually try to … read more

Types of Ground Stakes

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 29th Aug 2019

Ground protection is a must for garden protection against deer and other wildlife. When deer see a fence, they will first walk the perimeter to see if they can easily access the garden. Then, they wil … read more

How To Rid Squirrels From Yards

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 29th Mar 2018

Like other wild animals, both ground and tree squirrels venture to yards in search of food, so if homeowners can eliminate their food source, then they will see a dramatic reduction in the number of s … read more

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