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Block Digging Wildlife From Entering Gardens.

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

Deer and other wildlife cause billions of agricultural damage each year. That's billions with a "B." While most gardeners have seen deer gracefully jump at extraordinary heights, deer actually try to dig underneath fences to reach crops and flowerbeds. After all, if it's easy to reach why should they attempt a jump and use energy?


To prevent deer from entering home gardens, gardeners need to install ground stakes on their deer fence systems. Fence stakes hold down fences to prevent deer, coyotes, wolves, and other wildlife from entering gardens. Staking down the fence will also deter bunnies from burrowing underneath fences, too. 

Ground stakes are available in Kinked or Rebar. Kinked ground stakes are used in smooth soils while rebar ground stakes are recommended for hard or clay surfaces. Regardless of the fence stake, each one should be hammered into the ground every 5 feet along the fence line for best results.  

Types of Ground Stakes

Ground protection is a must for garden protection against deer and other wildlife. When deer see a fence, they will first walk the perimeter to see if they can easily access the garden. Then, they will try digging underneath a garden fence before attempting a jump. Their poor vision, at just 20/100 in the daytime, [...]

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How To Rid Squirrels From Yards

Like other wild animals, both ground and tree squirrels venture to yards in search of food, so if homeowners can eliminate their food source, then they will see a dramatic reduction in the number of squirrels. It's suggested that homeowners rake up nuts, berries and fallen acorns from trees. Nuts and berries are squirrels' main food [...]

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Staking The Success Of Your Deer Fence On An Important Piece Of Metal

Ground stakes are an important part of deer fencing that many people may overlook or deem unnecessary.  What they do not know is using ground stakes can not only hinder deer and other small animals from sneaking into your precious garden, but they also help prevent damage to your fence lengthening it’s life expectancy. Ground stakes [...]

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