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When Do Deer Give Birth?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 27th Apr 2020

We'll be the first to admit that fawns are adorable - with their Bambi eyes and white fluffy spots, who could resist? Veteran gardeners know better than to get excited when they see baby fawns. Here's why.

Deer birthing season begins in April and runs until June. During this time, doe deer will deliver between 1-3 babies where they will teach them all they know including how to devour plants from home gardens. Lady doe will leave their fawns behind in an undisclosed area to search for food in the morning hours, returning to fawns in the afternoon. While fawns may appear abandoned to the untrained eye, mama deer are usually not far away - and they will attack humans, pets and other wildlife if they feel their young are being threatened.

In general, spring and summer are prime months for deer damage in gardens when plants are abundant. Now, homeowners will see more than double-trouble thanks to deer births. To protect growing sites from deer browsing, homeowners will need to be proactive in installing deer fencing around flowerbeds and organic gardens as well as other effective deer management strategies

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