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Lone Star Tick Found In 3 New States

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 31st May 2019

The Lone Star Tick, a newer tick species to make headlines, was predominately found in the southeastern part of the United States - until now. Now, these type of ticks have expanded their reach a … read more

Red Meat Tick Allergy Hits PA

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 28th Jun 2018

Bad news for carnivores in Pennsylvania — the Lone Star tick is here, and one bite may mean an allergy to red meat.Pennsylvania already has the highest rate of Lyme disease cases in the nation, accord … read more

Lone Star Ticks Do Not Spread Lyme

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 2nd Feb 2018

While ticks are responsible for the spread of Lyme Disease; not all ticks transmit the disease. In fact, up until recently, we have been pointing the finger at the Lone Star Tick for contributing to t … read more

Tick Allergy To Red Meat

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 22nd Jun 2017

We are learning more about the Lone Star Tick as more knowledge is released to the public. We know that the Lone Star Tick is aggressive and will seek out a human or pet as its next meal. We know that … read more

Common Ticks in Pennsylvania

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 20th Feb 2017

Currently, more than 25 tick species have been identified in Pennsylvania; but of these, four species of ticks account for nearly 90 percent of all submissions to be identified by doctors. The four co … read more

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