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Rabbit Breeding Season

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

With their floppy ears and cotton tails, we all seem to "ooh" and "aww" over bunnies; but rabbits are the second most complained about animal by gardeners when they find burrowing holes leading to their vegetable gardens.

Rabbit breeding season runs in February and only lasts for 28 days (gestation period) before pregnant female rabbits, known as doe, deliver baby bunnies into the world. Doe rabbits will be able to deliver 1-4 babies per litter and give birth up to 12 times per year! This means that home growers that want to keep out rabbits from gardens throughout the year only have a short time to think fast. 

Here's the best strategy for ridding rabbits from growing sites:

Install a 2-3' metal fence with PVC-coating to block rabbits from entering into gardens. Remember: Rabbits use scissor action to cut through fencing; so, plastic fence will be a no-go for this application. The PVC steel fence should either be trenched into the ground at least 6 inches or will need to be flared at the bottom of the fence and held down with ground stakes to prevent burrowing attempts.

Rabbits, like other wild animals, will be a nuisance in spring to growers. The best way to keep away wildlife from lawns and gardens will be to install fencing.

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