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How To Rid Groundhogs From Gardens

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 13th Feb 2020

Groundhogs are one of the most complained about critters from gardeners. It seems they have figured out ways to trick growers to reach vegetables and other crops. Can they be stopped?

Groundhogs develop tunnel systems which makes it difficult for growers to stop their movements; but with the help from a metal fence, it is possible to see a reduction in groundhog damage in gardens. 

Plastic fence will not do. Groundhogs will chew right through the plastic fence. Metal fence with PVC- coating is best to block chew marks caused by groundhogs and other chewing animals - such as rabbits. It is recommended by fence installers to trench the fenèce at least 12-24 inches into the ground for best results; or flare the fence at the bottom and stake it down  with ground stakes.

This is the most effective way to humanely keep out groundhogs from lawns and gardens.

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