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Benefits Of Welded Wire Fence

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 13th Aug 2019

After looking at welded wire fence, it's no wonder why homeowners choose to use it around their landscapes, swimming pools and gardens.


For one, weld wire fencing is more pleasing to the eye than traditional fence such as chain-link fence. The different mesh dimensions on welded fencing allow homeowners to choose a style that fits their land best while maintaining a stylish fence. In addition, welded wire is often used around pools, as it meets pool code in many U.S. states. (Check laws before purchasing welded wire fence rolls for pool fencing). Lastly, welded wire fence is strong, with 14 and 19 gauge galvanized steel coated with PVC to block chewing attempts from deer, rabbits and other small critters. 

Welded Wire Fence is a desirable choice for homeowners looking for a strong metal fence.

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