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Deer Movement In Winter

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

The year may be winding down; but deer movement persists. In fact, white-tailed deer are more desperate to find food that they are wandering onto lawns and gardens more frequently than last season. As we approach winter, here are things you need to know about deer movement. 

Wind gusts and chilly temperatures, deer need to find food in the early morning and late afternoon hours while they still have day light. They need to avoid homeowners while also avoiding hunters. Instead of hunters pushing them further into woods, deer retreat to home properties. 

For gardeners that will plant this winter, protect cold-weather crops, such as lettuce and squash with deer fence. Having a 7.5 to 8 foot high fence around gardens is the best method for keeping out deer this season. 

Click here for more deer movement tips.

Michigan DNR Seeks Input About CWD

LANSING, MI -- The state's Department of Natural Resources and Natural Resources Commission are inviting Michigan hunters and residents to provide input on the response to a contagious illness that has spread through Michigan deer in recent years.The two organizations will host a series of public engagement meetings across Michigan to hear suggestions and comments [...]

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Deer In Texas Test Positive For Chronic Wasting Disease

A white-tailed deer run over on U.S. Highway 87 between Dalhart and Hartley has tested positive for chronic wasting disease, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department said.This marks the first discovery of the deadly disease in Texas white-tailed deer roadkill and the first case in a Texas Panhandle white-tailed deer, TPWD said.James Hoskins, a Texas [...]

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Deer Herd Wandering In EastPort

Tess Ftorek of Eastport posted a video to her Facebook account last Tuesday that she thought would surely shock many of her Maine friends.In it, a herd of deer — perhaps 10 or 12 — meandered around on a lawn as Ftorek and her husband, Steve, sat in their car, waiting for the animals to [...]

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Confirmed CWD in Montana Deer

BILLINGS - Two more cases of chronic wasting disease are suspected in Montana, this time in a white-tailed deer in east of Joliet and a mule deer buck southeast of Bridger, Robert Gibson of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks said Friday.The new suspect samples were collected from hunters during the weekend of Nov. 16-17.Fish and [...]

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