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Deer Movement In Winter

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 13th Dec 2018

The year may be winding down; but deer movement persists. In fact, white-tailed deer are more desperate to find food that they are wandering onto lawns and gardens more frequently than last season. As … read more

Michigan DNR Seeks Input About CWD

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 30th Mar 2018

LANSING, MI -- The state's Department of Natural Resources and Natural Resources Commission are inviting Michigan hunters and residents to provide input on the response to a contagious illness that ha … read more

Deer Herd Wandering In EastPort

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 11th Dec 2017

Tess Ftorek of Eastport posted a video to her Facebook account last Tuesday that she thought would surely shock many of her Maine friends.In it, a herd of deer — perhaps 10 or 12 — meandered around on … read more

Confirmed CWD in Montana Deer

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 4th Dec 2017

BILLINGS - Two more cases of chronic wasting disease are suspected in Montana, this time in a white-tailed deer in east of Joliet and a mule deer buck southeast of Bridger, Robert Gibson of Montana Fi … read more

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