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WA Deer and Elk Unharmed By Wolves

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 8th Dec 2017

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — The growing population of wolves in eastern Washington state does not appear to be hurting the populations of deer, elk and other ungulates.

A report issued this week by the state Department of Fish and Wildlife looked at ungulate populations between fiscal 2015 and 2017.

The report concluded that none of the ungulate populations in the assessment appeared to show clear signs of being limited by predation from wolves. Ungulates include elk, moose, deer and bighorn sheep. Gray wolves were hunted to extinction in Washington early in the past century. But the animals started migrating into the state in the early 2000s from Idaho and Canada. The first wolf pack was documented by DFW in 2008

Story re-posted by KATU. Written by NICHOLAS K. GERANIOS , Associated Press

This is rather unusual news because deer and elk fear wolves. This is why home growers are encouraged to apply wolf urine in the garden to make deer believe that a wolf pack is near. 

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