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Why Poly Deer Fence Isn't Good For Rodent Control

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 19th Oct 2017

If you are a gardener using poly deer fencing, you may think that you are in the clear for any type of wildlife damage. Think again. If deer aren't a particular concern to you, instead be concerned about the damage caused by small critters.

Small rodents, such as rabbits, ground hogs and gophers use their teeth in scissor motion to gnaw through materials to create small holes, or simply cut through areas. This is why polypropylene fences aren't good for rodent control in the garden. Remember, this type of fence mesh is a tough plastic - but it can't stop chewing attempts. Once the fence is weakened by chewing animals, the garden fence can easily be taken down by deer and other types of wild animals. 

This is why metal deer fencing with a PVC-coating is recommended to stop small animals from feeding on fresh fruits and vegetables. The PVC-coating on the metal fence will stop all attempts from rabbits and other critters. After trying for a while, they will hop away to another place. 

Do your research before buying a deer fence and make sure that you are getting the right type of garden fence to stop a particular animal. 

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