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April Is National Garden Month

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 17th Apr 2020

Declared by Ronald Reagan in 1986 as a week-long celebration, National Garden Month takes place each April to celebrate gardening and the beauty of vibrant spring flowers. In 2002, the National Gardening Association extended the celebration to four weeks instead of one as originally declared; and kicked-off the month-long gardening celebration officially in 2003.

There are many ways to get involved in National Garden Month this spring from visiting Botanical Gardens in your area to starting an organic garden at home. Growing your own food is a rewarding experience that will offer families countless opportunities to eat fresh crops for months. It offers beginning gardeners a new skill and teaches children where our food comes from. 

Starting a fruit or vegetable garden at home is easy; but for more information, contact a local master gardener (colleges and universities are good resources) or a local garden club. 

Tips for starting a home garden:

  • Don't buy too many plants at once. Learn before you grow!
  • Don't plant too closely to other plants. Learn the correct spacing!
  • Don't forget about deer management strategies including deer fencing and growing plants for deer resistance.
  • Buy a good pair of gardening gloves and other gardening tools - worth the investment. 

National Garden Month is a great excuse to get outside. Get involved today.

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