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How Garden Fencing Protects Pets

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

When we seek out to buy garden fencing, we are usually thinking about guarding our plants from deer damage. We may also consider the fencing to be used as privacy fencing, so we can grow what we want from the convenience of our own home. But, garden fencing is more than just plant security from wildlife. In fact, if the garden fencing is tall enough, it can be used for pet protection and security. 

Generally, white-tailed deer do not attack people or pets unless they feel their young fawns are being threatened; however, other types of wild animals can cause harm to small dogs and cats if left unattended. Coyotes, for example, are known to attack cats and enjoy eating them as a snack. This means that if the garden fence is at least 6 feet high, and made of a metal mesh, it will keep out coyotes, wolves and other wild animals - thus protecting companion felines. 

Let's look at another example, a complete garden enclosure. This type of garden fence is mainly used by gardeners to protect organic gardens and raised flowerbeds on all sides, plus the top, from swooping birds, squirrels and other nosy animals. However, it can also be used as a cat fence, or type of catio, for cats to play. 

Over all, yard fencing in backyard gardens will need to be at least 6 feet tall to halt intrusion from wild animals and protect pets during outside playtime. 

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