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Best Fence For Groundhogs

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 25th Mar 2019

Like rabbits, groundhogs and gophers are tricky animals to rid from gardens. Both types of animals use their burrowing abilities to reach vegetables at growing sites; but there is one distinct difference between the two animals: rabbits will burrow but not dig tunnels.

Rabbits can be stopped by trenching a metal fence into the ground about 6 inches; but what does a gardener do to rid groundhogs? After all, they will only burrow and drill more tunnels. 

Groundhogs can be stopped by trenching a metal fence with PVC more than 6 inches. Some rodent experts suggest that trenching a metal fence at least 12-24" inches is best. This tactic will not completely rid groundhogs from landscapes; but it will reduce the amount of groundhogs seen on lawns and gardens. 

Choose between a Steel Hex Web or 19 gauge welded wire fence for best results. The height should be at least 2-3' feet high. 

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