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How To Rid Groundhogs From Gardens

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 13th Feb 2020

Groundhogs are one of the most complained about critters from gardeners. It seems they have figured out ways to trick growers to reach vegetables and other crops. Can they be stopped? Groundhogs devel … read more

Rid Pesky Critters From Gardens. Here's How.

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 22nd Jan 2020

Gardeners dealing with rabbits, groundhogs, woodchucks and gophers eating plants are looking for solutions to control agriculture damage- and they won't like the answer.There isn't a good way to contr … read more

Best Fence For Groundhogs

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 25th Mar 2019

Like rabbits, groundhogs and gophers are tricky animals to rid from gardens. Both types of animals use their burrowing abilities to reach vegetables at growing sites; but there is one distinct differe … read more

Groundhog Resistant Plants To Grow

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 25th Feb 2019

Groundhogs are one of the most destructive critters on gardeners 'hit list.' And, they are tricky to keep out of gardens. While there are Olympic groundhogs that climb, the main concern for garde … read more

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