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Considering Pet Adoption During Pandemic?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 14th Apr 2020

When tragedy strikes, all we want is a hug, right? A warm body to be near to tell us everything is going to be okay. This is why many Americans are turning to pet adoption during the COVID-19 crisis. It's not only okay to adopt pets during the Coronavirus, but encouraged. Here's why. 

People are struggling to bond right now and are looking for creative ways to stay connected to people, places and things. It's no wonder why people are getting depressed, stuck in quarantine all alone; but with a new dog or cat, people won't feel so lonely. Pets offer that warm body we want to hug. They offer smiles and affection. And, they offer us an excuse to get outside and play and exercise. 

Pet adoption during the virus is encouraged to help animals in need. Animal shelters re overwhelmed with the amount of domestic pets inside shelters; and they are short staffed. They are asking pet enthusiasts for temporary foster placement or pet adoption. 

Considering pet adoption is great for all the right reasons; but once the global pandemic is over, a pet will still need love, compassion and care. Make sure you are ready to provide them with basic needs such as shelter; healthy pet foods; exercise; companionship; and of course, toys!

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