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Is Plastic Fencing Good For Rabbit Control?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 26th Apr 2019

Rabbits are the second most destructive wild animals in gardens after deer; and gardeners that have had enough of their garden destruction turn to fencing to control the situation. While there are many fence on the market, not all are suitable for rabbit fencing; and more often than not, home gardeners turn to plastic fencing thinking that this will be the answer to stopping rabbit damage.

But, they find that plastic fencing is not strong enough to block the chewing attempts from rabbits.

Rabbits chew and burrow; and therefore, plastic fencing is not a reliable option for rabbit control in gardens. Rabbits will use the fence to trim down their teeth which grow at a rate of 5" per year. 

Growers: choose a metal fence with PVC coating to block rabbits such as a hexagonal fence or 19 gauge welded wire fence. Not only do the tiny mesh holes stop bunnies from squirming into gardens, but the PVC coating acts as a secondary layer of protection to secure the steel core.

Plastic fencing is not chew-resistant; and is not the best choice for garden protection against rabbits.

Insider's tip: To prevent burrowing from rabbits, trench the fence into the ground at least 6 inches.

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