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It's National Pet Month!

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 3rd May 2018

National Pet Month is declared in May to celebrate the joy that pets bring into our lives. Whether it's to share our joy, or in our pain, pets are always there for us when we need them most. 

There are many ways to get involved this Pet Month for pet owners and animal lovers including:

  • Adopt a dog from a no-kill animal shelter. Senior dogs need homes just as much [if not more] than puppies; and they are already potty-trained!
  • Volunteer at an animal rescue or humane society. Help feed and clean animals in-need.
  • Educate others about the humane treatment of animals and about anti-cruelty laws.
  • Say 'No' to the sale of pets from pet stores and only adopt dogs from local animal shelters or private parties.
  • Donate to a pet charity.
  • Run a 5K that is related to pet care and animal wellness.
  • Open your home to a dog foster program. Dogs in-need will require space to run in a fenced-in backyard; healthy dog foods; and plenty of toys;
  • Start a TNR Program for homeless cats. When feral cats breed, they are bringing more homeless cats into the world. Lower the homeless cat population in the United States by spay/neutering animals. Cat enthusiasts will need outdoor cat enclosures; vet medical care assistance; and plenty of love to share.


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