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June Is Adopt a Cat Month

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 3rd Jun 2019

Brought to you by American Humane, Adopt a Cat Month is a call to action in June to consider cat adoption from local animal shelters and cat rescues. 

June is when humane societies see an increase in cats due to kitten season and cat mating in the springtime. With an estimated 70 million homeless cats in America, now is the time to consider adopting a cat. 

Cats make wonderful pets for several reasons. For one, they make the purrfect pet for the active individual that is on-the-go. One can travel on weekends and not have to worry about boarding cats while away on a mini getaway. All cats need is a fresh litter box; toys and healthy cat foods left out for a little bit of time. 

These independent felines are looking for forever homes. Give cats a second chance at living by adopting a cat today. If cat adoption is not possible at this time, start a TNR Program to reduce the rate of homeless cats on the streets. 

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