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Keep Deer Off Golf Courses

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 5th Aug 2019

August is a great time of year to be on the golf course with friends and colleagues. After all, this month, being National Golf Month, boasts great deals at driving ranges and sales on golf accessories. But, people are not the only ones visiting golf resorts this month. Deer are continuing to browse landscapes for food and will approach golf courses to eat flowering plants and destroy trees. In August, moving into September, golf course builders and owners should consider the following deer management strategies: 

Tree Guards

In the summertime, deer will eat leaves that fall off trees and will begin to rub against trees as bucks prepare for the rut season. The rubbing is to remove the dried velvet that bucks get on their antlers in the summer, making them more attractive to female doe in the fall. Therefore, tree wraps are a must for protecting the bark from deer damage.

Deer Fencing

Deer will also approach the greens seeking flowers to eat. Golf courses take pride in their landscapes and they can all be ruined by deer if golf course owners do not take the steps to protect the land. Installing a deer fence around the premises will not only keep out unwanted guests but will protect players from wildlife encounters. 


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