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National Plant a Flower Day

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 13th Mar 2018

Yesterday, March 12th, was National Plant a Flower Day; and while this was the kick-off to spring gardening, it taught us more about deer management. 

The flowers of the month are marigolds and daffodils - more than just vibrant spring flowers. They are deer-resistant plants that should be grown around gardens to keep deer at a distance. Deer will not eat these types of flowers, as they do not like the smell or taste. 

Spring officially begins next week on March 20th; and now is the time to develop a deer management plan including:

  • The use of a deer fence around flowerbeds;
  • Plant deer-resistant plants such as iris, verbena, daffodils, marigolds and herbs;
  • Applying tick sprays to lawns to rid deer ticks. 

Planting flowers isn't a chore for a gardener; and neither should keeping away deer from gardens. Apply these deer management techniques now to ensure a successful gardening season. 

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