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New Steel Hex Web Fence Kit!

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 8th Nov 2018

Introducing the 7.5' x 100' HEXA-GONE™ Fence Kit

HEXA-GONE™ Steel Hex Web Fence is recommended for land owners dealing with chewing animals including rabbits, coyotes, groundhogs and deer.

Our HEXA-GONE Steel Hex fence kits include everything that you will need to assemble a basic enclosure around your yard or garden. Steel Hex kits provide maximum protection from critters that attempt to chew through normal fencing options.

This Fence Kit includes:

(1) 7.5' x 100'HEXA-GONE™ Fence
(7) 8.5' x 1 5/8” pipes (7.5’ above ground)
(7) 1 5/8" ground sleeves
(7) 1 5/8" Vinyl Post Caps
(1) 1 5/8" Driver Cap for driving ground sleeves
(1) 8" Self Locking UV treated Ties - 100pk
(1) 12" Kinked Ground Stakes - 30pk

*Optional items may be added to the fence kit from the above drop-down menu*

  • Add corners when your fence line is going to curve at a 45° angle or more. This will provide increased fence stability.
  • Add ends when your fence line is going to end at an existing structure; such as a house, barn or another fence.
  • Add a tension kit to increase the stability and structure of your fence line, and give added strength to the fence to protect against downed tree limbs and inclement weather.
  • Add a gate so that you, or your equipment, may move in and out of the fence line with ease.

*Selecting additional options will change what is included with this Fence Kit. Base options listed.

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