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October Is Animal Safety and Protection Month

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 8th Oct 2018

Wildlife are scurrying around home properties in search for food; and they are more noticeable to homeowners on lawns and in gardens in the fall season as they prepare to eat nothing but twigs and leaves in the winter. But, pets want to be outside enjoying the cool weather; and the mix between animals may stir up conflict. This Animal Safety and Protection Month, protect pets from wildlife. 

In the fall, bears visit home gardens to stock pile on food in preparation for winter hibernation. Coyotes, wolves and foxes have a taste for meat; and even hawks will swoop down on small dogs and cats. Though, the major problem this fall will come from deer.

Does stay close to fawns the first year of life; and they are overprotective of their young. Deer will attack pets if they feel threatened. Bucks stay near fawns and their mates, and they have been known to attack pets with their antlers or using their strong legs to kick dogs. 

To protect pets from wildlife encounters this fall, homeowners are encouraged to build deer fencing or dog fencing that will block jumping attempts from deer (7.5 to 8 feet high), coyotes (6 feet high) and other wild animals. 

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