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Pet Safety From Wildlife Encounters

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 6th Aug 2018

News outlets across the nation are reporting more frequently about pet attacks from wildlife. In one instance, a video shows two small dogs playing when suddenly, a coyote approaches one of the dogs; and snatches the puppy away in the woods. Another video shows a hawk attacking a cat in the backyard. 

We cannot control when we see wildlife, however, we can control how we protect pets against wildlife encounters. Pet owners should consider building pet fence for dogs and cats to prevent wild animals from approaching domestic breeds. 

For coyote management, pet owners will need a 6' feet high steel fence. For deer control, choose a 7.5'-8' foot high fence in either plastic or metal materials. For bears, choose electric fence. 

Whatever animal is bothering pets, it's best to use wildlife exclusion fence in the yard for pet protection. 

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