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Pet Tick Bites This Winter

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 25th Jan 2019

Ticks are most active in the spring and summer months while the weather is warm; however, as long as temperatures are above freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit) tick bites can still occur in both humans and pets. 

In the winter, ticks will seek warm-blooded mammals such as a dog or cat for warmth and feeding. They will also hide underneath leaves and logs for insulation and shelter. 

Most pets do not mind the cold weather and enjoy rolling around in the grass. After outdoor playtime in the fenced-in backyard, bring pets inside to warm up; clean their paws with a towel; and check for ticks hiding underneath fur. Remember, ticks like to hide in areas including: 

  • In and around ears;
  • Underneath collars;
  • Underneath tails;
  • Elbows;
  • Toes (more common in dogs than cats)
  • Groin Area

Be sure to use a tick remover tool when removing ticks from pets instead of hands or fire starters.

Click here for more tick disease prevention tips to use year-round. 

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