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It's National Cat Day

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

National Cat Day is held on October 29th annually to offer awareness of the need for cat adoption. The public must recognize the number of cats that need to be rescued from the humane society and match them with forever homes. 

Cats In Shelters Statistics

Approximately 7.6 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. Of those, approximately 3.4 million are cats. Unfortunately, 1.4 million cats that are not adopted will be humanely euthanized.

Why Adopt Cats?

Cats make wonderful pets for homeowners that work late hours and for adventure seekers that are constantly on-the-go. They are independent; loving; and caring animals that play well with other companion pets and small children. Families can play with cats in the fenced-in backyard and teach them tricks just like dogs.

This fall, consider adopting a cat from a local animal shelter. Cats live 15+ years and create everlasting memories for pet owners!

Do Dogs Need Exercise?

Dogs really are just like humans: They need time to socialize with friends; a chance to play and unwind; healthy foods to eat; and yes...even a regular fitness regiment. Exercise is very important for dogs' animal health;and eating healthy dog food isn't enough. Puppies need at least 30 minutes of daily activity to maintain healthy bones [...]

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Pet Tick Bites This Winter

Ticks are most active in the spring and summer months while the weather is warm; however, as long as temperatures are above freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit) tick bites can still occur in both humans and pets. In the winter, ticks will seek warm-blooded mammals such as a dog or cat for warmth and feeding. They will [...]

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Cold Weather Pet Tips

Across the Mid-Atlantic region, and New England, northern's are experiencing chilly temperatures and a bit of snow after the weekend's arctic blast. This is a good time to go over pet safety tips during cold weather. While dogs like to play out in the fenced-in backyard, pet owners need to understand that pets should not be outside [...]

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Why Adopt Older Dogs

Most perspective pet owners seek puppies to bring home; but there are many reasons why it's better to adopt senior dogs. For one, senior dogs are already potty-trained. Training older dogs is easier, since they are more mature; and they will act quicker than a puppy. All pet owners will really need to do is show [...]

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