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Protect Gardens From Rabbit Damage

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 10th Apr 2020

Today being Good Friday means that Easter is around the corner; and while children may be excited to eat chocolate and participate in egg hunts, homeowners, especially those with home gardens, are working on ways to keep the Easter Bunny from coming onto properties. And, it's not just the Easter Bunny they are looking out for - but impostors that look like him. Homeowners that have home gardens can keep the Easter Bunny and friends out of gardens by using a few simple strategies. Here's what they'll need to do to rid backyard bunnies from lawns and gardens this April:

Rabbit Fencing

Like deer fence, there are certain fence types that can be used for rabbit exclusion from gardens. Fence companies will recommend using a steel hexagon fence. Since rabbits use scissor action to trim teeth, they will cut right through plastic fencing; but with a PVC-coated metal fence, rabbits will find trouble breaking through the steel construction. Remember, bunnies may hop; but they will burrow first. Trench the fence at least 6-12" inches into the ground to keep bunnies out of gardens. 

Rabbit-Resistant Plants To Grow

Like deer, rabbits can be picky eaters. They love the taste of some veggies (carrots of course) but they hate others. Grow these plants for rabbit resistance in gardens: Asparagus, potatoes, basil, parsley, mint, and oregano. Some of these herbs are also deer-resistant plants that can be planted to keep deer out of gardens, too.

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